Villa Lorena
is located in via Ermellino 15, locality Papariano, Fiumicello (UD) along SS14. Coming from Cervignano, travel on SS14 in the direction of Trieste. After passing the Papariano Church, you'll find a sign that directs you to make a left turn.
Coming from Trieste, after crossing the bridge on the Isonzo River, you can find directions to Villa Lorena about 100 meters away. Turn right at the first street that you see after Agraria, a farm supply store. Coming from either direction, please use the farm supply store Agraria as your reference point.

AIRPORT: Ronchi dei Legionari airport is about 5 minutes away.

FFSS/TRAIN: the train station of Cervignano del Friuli is about 10 minutes away.

BUS: the bus stop is 2 minutes away.